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OGPro AS is a new established company in Norway to provide studies, engineering services and commissioning support for Oil and Gas Processing facilities. Our ambition is extension of the activities globally, growing and keeping ourselves as a reliable ring in the oil and gas market. Read more in About OGPro

Engineering Consultancy Services:

Oil Refinery

OGPro is a specialized consultant for oil refining industry, relying on our previous experience in oil refineries- related projects in the Middle East.

Gas Processing

We are an efficient engineering consultant to help with your projects in gas processing industry requirements.

Offshore Platforms

OGPro wants to play a main role in projects related to topside processing facilities, from concept & FEED through detailed engineering to commissioning and startup.

Modeling & Simulation

We can also act as an external independent consultant to perform modeling and simulation for a wide range of the projects and advise on complex simulation issues.

Heat Transfer Equipment Calculation

We provide heat transfer calculation (design, rating and simulation) for Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers and Fired Heaters.


OGPro offers engineering consultancy for providing FEED studies and detailed engineering deliverables, with highest quality to ensure they meet the client requirements perfectly.