OGPro shall operate in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations and demonstrate that the company taking responsibility for the themes in the OECD Guidelines in line with the most advanced standards for transparency and reporting. The company sustainability starts with the company’s value system and a principled approach to operate in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in the following areas:

• Human Rights, Workers’ Rights and Environment
• Fighting Against Corruption & Extortion
• Consumer Interests
• Science & Technology
• Competition
• Taxation
• The Project Positive Impacts on Economy, Environment, and Society (EES)

The company has a single owner (the founder) at present, although activities/ negotiations are in process to extend the ownership/ partnerships and develop the organization.


The company founded by Abbas Marvian in August 2014. He is basically a process engineer with technical and leadership experience in oil & gas industries and energy sector since 2000, from pre-conceptual through engineering to commissioning and operation.

He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (1996) and Shiraz University (1999), Iran.

Taking the roles and responsibilities of CEO / Plant Manager, Engineering Manager, Process Engineer, and Commissioning Engineer, working in Norway and the Middle East, he has accumulated the relevant experience and skills in different fields of the oil & gas and energy industries. Such acquirements along with an efficient team work are helping OGPro to move forward, achieving the company goals in a timely manner.

No vacancy is available at the moment.