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The proposed concept is a novel paradigm for next generation of thermal power plants to generate electrical power with ultrahigh electrical efficiency up to 20% more compared to existing solutions. This will be achieved by innovation in Combustion System and Power Conversion Units (PCUs). In the present project the fuel is hydrogen resulting in near zero emission electricity. Secondary utilizing of the extremely High Temperature (HT) steam leaving the system in a neighbor process facility would improve the overall efficiency further.

Comparing with Natural Gas-based power plants with CCGT technology, and accounting the total NG energy inputs to a modern SMR-based hydrogen production plant with CCS plus energy consumption in other associated units - the proposed technology yet keeps its competitive features over the natural gas-fuelled power plants.





The competitive advantage of the novel technology is that it will deliver ultrahigh efficient electricity, zero/low emission, with reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

The improved features of the technology would be of interest to oil & gas-petrochemical market (onshore/ offshore) where a UHPP power plant uses a part of the produced hydrogen from the associated hydrogen production facility. The technology also is expected to be of interest to power companies as a centralized/decentralized power plant. 



Three plants will be established during three phases. The R&D is considered as part of Phase-1 and will be continued during Phase-2:



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Abbas Marvian

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UHPP Project

Existing and potential cooperative partners:


NEHT Project

Potential partners:

R&D: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

# More information will be available after getting further progress on the NEHT project.