''Pressure Drop'' even if it is created based on a process system demand, it causes increment in plant energy consumption and increases carbon footprint.

PPER STUDY - Convert Pressure Losses to Usable Energy

Plant/Pipeline Pressure Energy Recovery (PPER) Study offered by OGPro is a comprehensive investigation to identify sources of the potential pressure energy wastage in new and existing process facilities and transmission pipelines, analyse the system and present the best solutions to eliminate the pressure losses or convert them to usable energy. Implementing the solutions improves reliability, productivity & profitability, reduces overall plant maintenance, and makes a considerable reduction in the plants energy consumption.


Different Cases, Different Solutions

There are different potential sources of pressure energy losses in process systems which depending on plant parameters, control system and type of equipment exclusive solutions would be required to recover the energy or eliminate the losses. The solutions can help new and existing plants, increasing productivity and profitability.

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Oil Refineries:  OGPro is a specialized consultant for oil refining industry, relying on the previous experience in oil refineries related projects in the Middle East.

Gas Processing Plants: We are an efficient engineering consultant to help with your projects in gas processing industry.


Offshore Facilities: The company is going to play an active role in offshore projects, from concept through detailed engineering to commissioning and startup.


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